Spirit Voices

Email: amrosepowell@gmail.com


I am a Trance medium, a spiritual medium and a psychic.  I have been developing my mediumship since early childhood when I first started to see and hear spirit.  


I have been spirit taught, and their teachings have been the focus of what I bring to all my readings: Compassion; Ethics; Clarity; Honesty and Reasonable prices.


 I work with spirit and for spirit.  In the following months and years I will endeavor to bring  their teachings and meditations to this site, under "My Personal Journey." 

 Please read "About Me" for more information.

***Credit given to Rev. Robert Johnstone for his introduction and permission to use the Psychic Butterflies.

A PLACE TO MEDITATE, recommended from spirit, and where I found peace.

SLOW BUT SURE: and take time to enjoy the journey.

STOP; LOOK; for in the hidden places there is much beauty.



RUINS; look through them, and find the beauty believed lost!