Spirit Voices

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A little history about me:

 I am a Trance medium,  Medium and Psychic, with the abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  I do animal communications and psychic butterflies.

 I am also a Mother, a Grandmother, married to a great man, who although he has little understanding of what I do, supports me in my work.

I work spirit and for spirit.  I do my best to bring forth their wisdom and teachings in all that I do.
I am currently running a class on self-awareness at the village where I live and finding joy in the teachings that spirit give to me to share.

From the time I was little I have 'seen' spirit, and have had many experiences that I could not explain.  Only in recent years have I been able to put some of the pieces together.  My mother and grandmother  are untrained physical mediums.  My grandmother (deceased before my birth) came and manifested to me in 1993.  She hugged me and told me she loved me. My mother I have just discovered, is the seventh child of her family. Stories of their "ghostly" encounters are what I was brought up on.  I now realize it was because of their innate abilities.  My mother went spirit in August 2011, but I still hear her and am comforted by her presence as I am with my grandmother.

 In 1999, a great personal trauma, catapulted me 100% into the spiritual life.  My kundalini opened with some very drastic effects, and for nearly 3 years I struggled with the information and 'happenings' that where going on with me and around me.

For 2 years, I heard voices in my head, voices that never stopped day or night.  It compelled me to seek help, but the help I did receive from other spiritual people was at that time confusing and misleading.  My learning experience I now know, but then I was devastated.

This was the time I was to hear one of my Master guides/controls for only the second time in my life.  The first I will relay in a story on the "Personal Journey" pages.   He came to me when I was seriously considering going to a psychiatrist.  I heard him say: 'Turn over" and against all my objections, and arguments, he continued to say 'Turn over"..until in exasperation I DID!!!!, and something in my head went 'CLICK' and the voices STOPPED.

This was the first time I had peace for over two years, but I was  soon to discover  that the voices would come back, but he had taught me how to control them and with effort and discipline through meditations, self-hypnosis and what he called "LISTENING" I learned to control them.  I now know this skill as discernment, as it evolves into the 'knowing' spirit and their energies.

I was then living in Orlando, Fl. USA, and after learning to control the voices I looked around for ways of developing what I had.  I found Cassadaga just an hour away, so proceeded to take intensive training there.  Within a course of five years I took palmistry from a wonderful teacher and reader called Dean Montebano, Tarot from a teacher/friend called Sheila Tittle, mediumship and psychic classes from Maeda Jones and Kim Wade (Deceased 2012).

I also worked as a reader at Universal studios, Tu Tu Tango and did Trance demonstratons in Olrando.  That time was a busy time for me, as I was also running development circles at my own home and doing Mind, Body Spirit fairs around Florida.

I am  honest and ethical and strongly believe in truth in all readings and that all readings should be done with love and compassion.  Each person has the right to the truth, but in a way that helps and comforts them.

I am not a "channeler," but a trance medium, so instead of hearing and then saying what I hear, I allow spirit to speak through me using my voice. This is my belief, through my experience, if it is not yours, then forgive me. We each come to our own conclusions, be they right or wrong, I am willing to listen to other  beliefs with an open mind.

My journey continues, I hope you can be part of it, and enjoy with me the exploration of the spiritual realm and all that it gives to us.  As a very down to earth Capricorn who majored in Maths, you will find me with my feet on the ground, a good sense of humour and a passion for my spiritual journey.  So join me...if you will; please.

My full journey will be told in the on-going stories that can be found in the writings I am putting in "My Personal Journey."  These will also include meditations and information given by spirit when in trance.