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This is my journey, my collection of spiritual tid bits, information, interest, insight and sometimes delightfully inspiring articles.

I have put in my stories, well some of them, poems that I have found and loved with a few from my pen and a collection of information packets that I feel will whet the appetite for more.

Most of all though, I hope and wish that I can help others on their journey by finding something here to inform, delight, or inspire.

May the light of knowledge shine bright and shower you with curiosity and love of spirit.

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The Best That I Can Be

Posted by Rose powell on October 12, 2011 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

This was written by a good friend of mine:  Sheena Morrison.  I want to share her inspritational writings as I feel they speak to the heart and the soul of a person.

The Best That I can Be


Is to give of ourselves


To give of our heart

To give of our strength

To give of our love

To give of our time


How do you know this to be so?

You listen

You learn

You contemplate

You give

You try

And this will be so


The Great White Brotherhood

Can't You Hear Me Calling

Posted by Rose powell on April 15, 2010 at 12:46 PM Comments comments (0)

This poem was given to me when attending Arthur Findlay college, by Matthew Smith.  He had if from the author, a friends daughter.  She is now grown and can not remember writing it, so he told us.  I feel this is a most beautiful insight into the divide of 'Life" and 'Death" poingnant with insight way beyond the age she was when she wrote it...I give you "Can't You Hear Me Calling by Gemma Goghe, at age 13.

Can't You Hear Me Calling?

Can't you hear me calling

your name upon the breeze?

Can't you feel me watching

as you pray there on your knees?

Can't you sense the lightness,

as now my pain is ceased?

Can't you see the brightness

my true Sourl is now released?

Can't you hear me praying

that we shall meeet again?

Can't your feel the moisture

as my tears touch you as rain?

Can't you sense my happiness

reaching our to you in rays?

Can't you see our memories

of oh! such happy days?

Can't you smell the freshenss

as each new day begins?

Can't you forget anger,

pain, anguish and my sins?

Can't you let go now

and let my soul be free?

As when we meet again my friend

my happiness you will see.

So, can't you hear me calling

Your name upon the breeze?

If Only

Posted by Rose powell on April 13, 2010 at 9:28 PM Comments comments (0)

 Written by Rose Powell

31st March 2008

If Only

If only I had listened

If only I had cared

If only I had known

If only I’d been warned

If only is the statement

Of regret, remorse, and sorrow,

If only is the lesson

That we can learn tomorrow

Tomorrow we can listen

Tomorrow we can care

Tomorrow we will know

Tomorrow we’ve been warned

The lesson is intended

The lesson if it’s learned

Is to bring about self knowledge

of our lives and its events.

So come away and listen,

You can only be yourself

You can only choose from what you have

From lessons learnt before


Don’t blame yourself for wanting

Don’t blame yourself for hurt

The only blame that we can take

Is that we blame ourselves at all.


© Rose Powell 2010.  All right reserved.




Posted by Rose powell on April 13, 2010 at 9:21 PM Comments comments (2)

The very first poem I wrote, and 11 years before my feet took me on to my current spiritual path.  I look at it now and realize that even then I was destined to do what I am doing now, and loving it too.


by Rose Powell

They tell us of a paradise

Waiting just for us

We ask

How do we get there?

Do we fly, drive or bus?

Does it cost us much for entry?

Can we picnic, play and swim?

And will it close at twilight?

And send us out again?

For we are always looking out

For as far as we can see

We are never looking inwards

Where paradise can be

We don't have to pay for entry

Entry always free

We don't have to leave at twilight

This is for eternity

We only have to find it

Directions come like this

We have "Paradise" inside us

Look inside and enter bliss.


Walk in Light



© Rose Powell 2010.  All right reserved.





The Path Well Worn

Posted by Rose powell on April 13, 2010 at 9:13 PM Comments comments (1)

From an email sent to me on the 16th December 2006 by a lady called Tammy Ricke, in return for a reading I had done for her the night before.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


At tender age we journey out, consumed by youthful vigour.

Enthusiastically we bound ahead, with ego's even bigger,

Than the task ahead, or so we think,

But before too long our hearts will sink,

As the path gets rough and our ego's badly torn.

Now, searching for a foothold and unsure of each new step,

We tread the Path Well Worn.

It's a path forged in hardship, blood, sweat and pain,

And one that grows no easier, despite the ground we gain.

As challenge becomes nightmare, our bodies sore and bruised,

We lose our sense of reason and are lost and confused.

Then when we reach the point of surrender and collapse into a heap,

We begin to understand this Path Well Worn and the secrets it does


For as we lay there all tattered and torn and full of fear,

As though by a miracle, the path ahead begins to clear.

Struggling no more, we are lifted to our feet by a gently unseen


And stretched before us we catch a glimpse of an incredible land.

With rolling hills and valleys and the sun's warm glow to light our


We are filled with love and awe for this miraculous new day.

The Path Well Worn is as real and important as every breath we take.

It is a necessary journey and one we all must make.

At some point in our lives we will find ourselves hurtling towards


But it may help to know of the rainbow that exists beyond the rain,

And to know that countless others have been on the very same journey

we make,

And their loving thoughts will guide us with every step we take.

Tammy Ricke