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Quotes I love Rose!!!....such a generous, kind and warm heart. She is "Top Of The Line" when it comes to giving readings...*Spot On* Always, Carrie Quotes

Quotes I was fortunate to meet Rose many years ago here in the USA. She is not only smart and talented, but is pure of heart. If she had a magic wand she would wave it over all of us and share her light, as that?s who she is. The absolute beauty of her soul allows her a connection with spirits who feel safe in her presence. She has mastered the art of moving around the spirit world, interpreting messages that our ears need to hear to heal our hearts. Rose is the bridge that connects us. I have been touched & awaken. Thank you, my friend. Quotes
Touched & awaken

Quotes Rose is a truely heart centered person. Her readings are amazing and really provide wisdom into your journey!! I am so fortunate to know her and to have experienced her kindness!!! Quotes

Quotes Rose is a very loving, caring person. Her readings are absolutely amazing and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs to know that their loved ones are okay after they have passed to spirit. I have been blessed with having a few readings off Rose and she has changed my life for the better. Thank you Rose x x x Quotes
Gill Greenaway
Enlightened friend

Quotes Hi Rose, I wanted to thank you for the reading that you gave me last monday. I haven't had such an amazing and truth packed reading for a long time. It has certainly helped me to understand where I am meant to be going and why. It has been on my mind all week as I digest all of what you told me. I was blown away about my 2 male guides that came to you. For years I have been trying to figure out who those boys were that were with me as a child. You are the first person that has given me an answer that makes sense and that I can understand. Thank you again, and I wish you many years of happiness and good health. Anyway, till we talk again. blessings tina Quotes
New friend

Quotes Dear Rosie, Thank you so much for talking to me tonight. You have helped me so much. The messages you brought to me have filled me with peace and excitement. I am not afraid to embrace what will come and I will be patient and walk through the light, and take my place when it is time. I hope you rest well and have a wonderful tomorrow. Love and light, Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes Dear Rose, Thank you again so much for the time you gave me. To be honest your words and the connection to those dear to me on the otherside was the greatest gift I have ever received be it for Christmas or Birthday, or anything at all. You offered me hope, encouragement, and that second wind, if you will, to move forward and be who I am meant to be. I will say you were right about the children. After speaking with you, all fear subsided. Ron called and he and his family cannot handle the children. He will bring them home on Friday instead of Sunday. May blessings and peace flood your soul this day and everyday. Happy holiday season. .. Again, I want you to know that your gift to me this season was the most precious of all. Love and light, T*** Quotes
Comforted querent

Quotes Rose is an accurate and compassionate medium. After the sudden death of a friend I contacted Rose to connect with him. She accurately described him and from the intimate things she was saying, I had no doubt she was talking to my friend! Thank you Rose for reminding me that my loved ones are always around me! You are AMAZING!!! Quotes
Diana Summerford
Grieving Friend