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This information is based on what I have learned so far, and is my opinion only, it is open to all and any suggestions on the terminology, plus any thing else that one feels could be added.

Hopefully with help, it will grow and be a resource for many on the spiritual path and for those that just want to understand.

Remember that mediums are always psychic, but psychics are not always mediums.

                     Glossary of Terms: Abilities-Gifts







 Claircognizance:  the ability of "Clear Knowing,” is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses. It is a feeling of "just knowing". Often, a medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is "right" or "wrong." 

Can only be subjective.

Mediumistic & Physic


Clairempathy: the ability of “Clear Emotion,”- To sense or "feel" within one's self the attitude or emotions of another person.


Mediumistic & Psychic


Clairgustance:/ Clairsavorance: the ability of "Clear Tasting" is the ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit.  IE: without putting anything in the mouth.

This can only be subjective.



Clairsentience: the ability of "Clear Sensing”, is the ability to have an impression of what a spirit wants to communicate, or to feel sensations instilled by a spirit. 


Can only be subjective.


Clairsentinence: the ability of "Clear Feeling" is a condition in which the medium takes on the ailments of a spirit, feeling the same physical problem the spirit person before they died. It is another word for emphatic, and can be used with the psychic vibration, to pick-up/sense what another is feeling.  


Can only be subjective.

 Mediumistic & Physic


Clairtangency: the ability of “Clear Touching” More commonly known as psychometry.  To handle and object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of one’s hands information about the article or its owner or history that was not previously known.


Clairvoyant: the ability "Clear Seeing", is the ability to see anything which is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people. This sight occurs "in the mind’s eye", and some mediums say that this is their normal vision state. Others say that they must train their minds with such practices as meditation in order to achieve this ability, and that assistance from spiritual helpers is often necessary. Some clairvoyant mediums can see a spirit as though the spirit has a physical body. They see the bodily form as if it were physically present. Other mediums see the spirit in their mind's eye, or it appears as a movie or a television programme or a still picture like a photograph in their mind..

Objective and/or subjective.

Mediumistic & Physic



Clairalience:/ Clairscient: the ability of "Clear Smelling" is the ability to smell a spirit. For example, a medium may smell the pipe tobacco of a person who smoked during life. 

This is normally objective, but can be subjective in some cases.



 Clairaudient: the ability of "Clear Hearing," is usually defined as the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits. Some Mediums hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to or near to the medium, and other mediums hear the voices in their minds as a verbal thought..

Objective and/or subjective.




Objective/Subjective Awareness 


Objective:  To have information  that is outside of the inner eye/mind; as though it is in actuality as perceived with our normal five senses.  In some cases it could be perceived by other people within the vicinity of the medium/psychic.

From the Dictionary:

•  Of or relating to a material object, actual existence or reality. 

•  Not influenced by the emotions or prejudices. 

•  Based on observed facts.


Subjective:  When it is through the mind, seen, felt, sensed within the mind of the medium/psychic.  Visions can be within the inner eye or perceived just outside of the eye as though in mid air about a few inches to the side or above the mediums/psychics eyes.

From the Dictionary:

Formed, as in opinions, based upon subjective feelings or intuition, not upon observation or reasoning, which can be influenced by preconception; coming more from within the observer rather than from observations of the external environment.





Psychic:  The ability to sense what is outside of the normal five senses. From Psyche: the soul, breath, mind, spirit.

From the Dictionary:

Capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.


Psychic vampires: are people who feed off their victim's energy to feed themselves. Not all psychic vampires are doing this consciously though. People who are emotionally needy or manipulate others to get their own way by making them feeling guilty are unconscious vampires.

Spending time with a particular person can leave you feeling drained physically and emotionally. This is an indication of psychic vampirism.

Some people consciously take other's energy through magick or by tapping into their victim's aura and draining the energy that way. People who are particularly sensitive or vulnerable are more likely to be a target for psychic vampires. Fear leaves people open to this form of attack.

Some warning signs that may make you aware that you are being preyed on in this way are: tiredness, fatigue, depression, headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling drained, anxiety, panic attacks and nightmares. If the attacks continue, then the victim can become very ill, both physically and psychologically. Some people believe that the practice of psychic vampirism can make you live for ever.


A Psychic Reading: Psychic readings are “reports”  produced for clients to answer questions or give guidance about personal events in their life. Psychic readers use a number of different tools to assist them in finding answers to the client's questions, such as tarot cards, palm prints, numerology, astrology, crystals, runes etc.. Remember the psychic reader is working on the energy of the client, and does not connect with and being on the other side.  





Mental Mediumship" is communication of spirits with a medium by telepathy. The medium mentally "hears," "sees," and/or feels messages from spirits, then, directly or with the help of a spirit guide, passes the information on to the message's recipient(s). When a medium is doing a "reading" for a particular person, that person is known as the "sitter."


Trance Mediumship: There are many levels of trance, beginning at the lightest level,; Inspired Speaking to the deepest; Deep Trance:  The levels in-between are numerous, and will depend upon the level of blending that happens between the medium and her/his controls or guides.

The medium places themselves into a state of deep and tranquil relaxation and allows the spirit of a discarnate entity to enter their energy body and use their physical being to directly communicate. This form of communication is quite rare. Mediums that do practice trance most usually channel specific spirits that bring messages of hope and guidance from the world beyond, but some mediums are called open trance mediums, for they will also allow (under control) many discarnate spirits the chance to communicate either to their loved ones, or just give them the opportunity to bring a message through.  A true trance medium will not allow any wicked, evil or malevolent spirits to come through.  The mediums controls and spirit protectors and guardians will also protect the medium from any malevolent attack while she/he is in trance.


Physical Mediumship: may involve perceptible manifestations such as loud raps and noises, voices, materialized objects, apports, materialized spirit bodies, or body parts such as hands, and levitation. The medium is used as source of power and substance for such spirit  manifestations. This is sometimes said to be accomplished using the energy or ectoplasm, released by a medium.


Healing Mediumship: Basically is the ability to bring forth healing on the many different levels of the aura/subtle bodies, to enhance and bring about wholeness to the person.


Channeling: this is a form that takes on the appearance of “trance” but unlike trance it is where the medium goes into and altered state of awareness and on “hearing” the message then delivers it.


Mediumistic Reading: Is very much the same as stated for the psychic reading, the difference is that the medium can if it is needed bring in spirit, either a loved one or a higher being; See below.



Spirit Led Readings: Because this has spirit in the title I am including it under mediumistic.  

This is the process where the “medium” is approached by spirit and given information that helps her/him to find the person that the spirit has come in for…IE; spirit comes first the querent/recipient is found.

This is very much what happens in Platform Mediumship, and is also in vogue over the internet in “Chat room Readings” 

As opposed to “One on One” readings, where the “psychic/medium” focuses on the person first and then spirit comes…



All other Gifts and Abilities.


Aports: are the items that are received through spirit dematerializing an object, sending and materializing it for the reciever through a pychiscial mediumship.

Asports: are the same as aports, but refers to the items sent instead of recieved.


 Divination: which uses particular methods for finding hidden things, whether they be 'intangibles'

such as future events or 'tangibles' such as water or metal or lost objects. Done either by or on behalf of a querent.

Another word that is used often for divination is; Fortune Telling.

There are many tools for Divination; please find these under Divination 



Extra Sensory Perception: [ESP] is to acquire information by paranormal means without the use of the five normal senses.


Paranormal: is the umbrella term to describe any unusual phenomena or experiences that are have not been defined using scientific explanations.  In other words, paranormal is what goes beyond the five classical senses that are denoted as normal as in; Smell, Touch, Taste, Sight and Hearing.


Parapsychology: is the study of the paranormal.


Prophecy:  depends on the Ovate's ability to channel higher wisdom in relation to future events


Premonition: refers to a situation when future events are foreknown or forecast.


Precognition: where in a person is said to perceive information about places or events through paranormal means before they happen.


Psychokinesis/ Telekinesis:is the ability of the mind to alter the state of being of an object, which could include the movements of objects, the bending of metals, and the determining the outcome of events. It can occur spontaneously and deliberately which indicates it is both an unconscious and conscious process.


Telepathy:  is the transfer of thoughts or feelings between individuals and sometimes with animals.



                     Glossary of Terms: Divination Tools 


These are some of the most common ones in use today:  If you have one I have missed please let me know.




These are some of the most common ones in use today:  If you have one I have missed please let me know.


Astrology: The science of the planets and the houses they sit within.  It is a mathematical chart drawn using the birthdates, and birthtimes of a querent.  The depiction of where the planets are at this time can foretell much of what is in and will happen to the querent.


Aura Readings:  The psychic/medium is able to “see” the “aura” around the querent, and is able to tell from the colours and the area they are within what is going on in the querents life and a little of what they could expect. 


Automatic Writing: 

Bibliomancy: Divination using a book, by just allowing it to fall open at a random page and reading what first comes to the eye.


Crystal Ball:  A spherical crystal, made from a form of crystal or can be glass;  used as a form of scrying where the psychic/medium focus’s on the ball and allows images/feelings/senses to come to her pertaining to the querents questions.


Graphology: This the analysis of a querents character through their handwriting.


Numerology: Divination through the application of numbers and the number value of letters.


Oracle Cards:  A set of cards using a ‘theme” such as angels, sealife, animals etc.   Either by choosing a certain random number or by a spread as in Tarot, the psychic/medium will be able to help the querent to a better understanding of where they are at this moment and perhaps help them to approach the future with a better understanding of how to apply their lessons being learned now.

Ouja Board:


Palmistry:  The science of reading from the querents hands, the lines, the fingers, the marks, shape and tactility of the hands.


Psychometry:  When a psychic/medium can hold an object and be able to get information from that object on where it has been in contact, and pick up the energy of the strongest emotional contact.


Ribbon Readings:  Using a varity of coloured and textured ribbons the psyhic/medium allows the querent to choose a number of ribbons by the colour/texture, and then using psychometry and colour analysis, will be able to give the querent information pertaining to themselves.


Runes:  A set of small objects made from a variety of materials, with “runic” inscriptions engraved on them.  The throwing of the runes and the then interpretation of where they fall, and how they fall, gives the psychic/medium the ability to predict life happenings for the querent.


 Scrying:  The gazing and focusing on a crystal ball, a bowl of water, a mirror, or any surface that reflects, to allow the receptive mind to pick up the images, senses, feelings or and hearing that comes through the “Clairs” to find answers for the querent.


Tarot:  The use of a special deck of cards, having 72 cards per deck, 22 major and 50 minor arcane within the deck.  It is used in “spreads” to give answers and find solutions for a client





                Glossary of Terms: In Alabetical Order 

This list includes some well known terms, but also some interesting but not so well known.


Aeromancy; divination from the air and sky, particularly concentrating on cloud shapes, comets, and other phenomena not normally visible in the heavens.

Alchemy: is the practice of transmutation of base metals into precious metals (e.g., gold or silver) with the aid of an esoteric substance called the "philosopher's stone".

Alectromancy is divination whereby a bird is allowed to pick corn grains from a circle of letters. A variation is to recite letters of the alphabet noting those at which a cock crows.

Aleuromancy: is divination using "fortune cookies"; answers to questions are rolled into balls of dough and once baked are chosen at random.

Alomancy;  is divination by table salt.

Alphitomancy:  uses special cakes that are digestible by persons with a clear conscience but are unpleasant to others.

Anthropancy:  is the long-outlawed means of divination by human sacrifice.

Apantomancy: is divination through chance meetings with animals (e.g., a black cat), birds, and other creatures. Mexico City is said to have been founded where Aztec soothsayers saw an eagle flying from a cactus carrying a live snake.

Arithmancy or Arithmomancy
is an earlier form of Numerology where divination is made through numbers and the number value of letters.

Astraglomancy or Astragyromancy:
is a form of divination by dice where the faces of the dice bear numbers and letters. 

Astrology: is divination using celestial bodies: the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

Augury:  is the general term for the art of divination and is chiefly applied to interpretations of signs and omens.

Austromancy:  is divination by the study of the winds.

Axiomancy:  is divination through the observation of how an ax or hatchet quivers or points when driven into post.

Belomancy:  is an ancient form of divination performed by tossing or balancing arrows.

Biblimomancy: involves divination by books.

  is divination from burning tree branches and leaves.

Bumpology: strictly a modern term, a popular nickname for Phrenology

Capnomancy: is the study of smoke rising from a fire.

Cartomancy: is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot.

: is an early form of crystal gazing that utilizes a mirror turned to the moon to catch moonbeams.

is divination from behavior of objects placed in a fire.

Cephalomancy: to divination with the skull or head of a donkey or goat.

seeks to draw omens from the study of thunder and lightning.

Ceroscopy, Ceromancy:
is a form of fortune telling in which melted was is poured into cold water.

is divination from the lines on people's hands.

is the study of the general hand formation.

Clairaudience: is "clear hearing" of divinatory information. Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory perception.

is "clear seeing" of divinatory information. Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory perception.

: is divination by "casting lots", similar to dice but with objects such as pebbles or sea shells.

Clidomancy or Cleidomancy: is divination using a dangling key. see Radiesthesia

Coscinomancy: is divination using a hanging sieve. see Radiesthesia

Critomancy: is the study of barley cakes.

: is divination using onion sprouts.

Crystallomancy: is divination through crystal gazing.

Cyclomancy: is the practice of divination from a turning wheel.

: is an early form of Radiesthesia using a dangling ring.

requires one to listen to laurel branches crackling in an open fire.

Demonomanc: is divination with the aid of demons.

: is divination with either oak or mistletoe.

Dowsing or Divining Rods
: are methods of divination where a forked stick is used to locate water or precious minerals.

: is an ancient form of ventriloquism whereby the voice is lowered to a sepulchral tone and prophetic utterances are delivered in a trance state.

: is the divination from the tone of someone's laughter.

Genethlialogy: is divination by the influence of the stars at birth.

Geomancy: is the study of figures on the ground and the influence of the Earth's "currents".

Graphology: is the analysis of character through handwriting.

Gyromancy: is a divination procedure where a person walks in a circle marked with letters until they become dizzy and stumble at different points, thus spelling out a prophesy.

Halolmancy see Alomancy

Haruspicaton: is fortune-telling by means of inspecting the entrails of animals, as practiced by priests in ancient Rome.

Hieromancy or Hierscopy: is divination by observing object of ancient sacrifice.

is a form of divination from the stamping and neighing of horses.

Horoscopy: is the practice of casting of astrological horoscopes.

Hydromancy: is divination by water including the color, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool.

Ichtmyomancy: is divination using fish.

Lampadomancy: is divination using lights or torches

uses a basin of water for divination

Libanomancy: is the study of incense and its smoke.

Lithomancy: is divination using precious stones of various colors.

Margaritomancy: is the procedure of using bouncing pearls.

Metagnomy: is the divination using "visions" received in a trance state.

: is divination from meteors.

is the reading of character using the lines if the forehead

Moleosophy: is the study of moles and indicators of a person's character and future indications

Molbdomancy: draws mystic inferences from the hissing of molten lead.

Myomancy: is the study of the prophetic meaning of behavior of rats and mice.

Numerology: is the numerical interpretation of numbers, dates, and the number value of letters

Oculomancy: is divination from a person's eye

is divination using wine

Omphalomancy: is counting the number of knots in the umbilical cord to predict how many more children the mother will have

Oneiromancy: is the interpretation of dreams and their prophetic nature

Onomancy: is the study of the meaning of names.

is the application of Onomancy applied to personal names, particularly in the sense of occult interpretation.

Onychomancy: is the divination of fingernails.

Oomantia and Ooscopy
: is the method of divination by eggs.

Ophiomancy: is divination from serpents

Orniscopy and Orinithomancy
: is the study of omens associated with birds, particularly birds in flight. see Apantomancy.

Ovomancy: is another type of egg divination

Palmistry: i
s the broad field of divination and interpretation of the lines and structure of the hand.

Pegomancy: concerns itself with spring water and bubbling fountains and the omens contained therein.

is the long practiced study of head formations

: is a means of divination whereby one slaps a rose petal against the hand and judges the favorably of the omen by the loudness of the sound

is the study of character analysis through physical features

is an inner knowledge or sense of future events.

is a form of mysterious writing having a divinatory nature.

is the faculty of gaining impressions from a physical object and its history.

Pyromancy and Pyroscopy
: are forms of divination by fire or flame, often assisted by substances thrown onto the flames.

: is the general term for divination using a device such as a divining rod or pendulum. Other forms include "table tipping" which was practiced at the White House in the 19th century, the Ouija board, automatic writing (or superconscious writing), and scrying

: is divination using a stick or wand. These methods were forerunners of the divining rod.

: is a means of divination using a book of poetry whereby the book is opened at random and a passage read.

Sciomancy: is divination using a spirit guide, a method generally employed by channelers

Scrying: is a general term for divination using a crystal, mirrors, bowls of water, ink, or flames to induce visions

is the burning of straws with a hot iron, the resulting figures having divinatory properties.

Sortilege: is the casting of lots and the assessment of omens indicated.

is divination using cinders or soot.

is another form of throwing open a book and selecting a random passage for the purpose of divination.

Stolisomancy: draws omens from the way people dress

Sycomancy: is performed by writing messages on tree leaves; the slower they dry, the more favorable the omen. A modern variation is to write on slips of paper (always including one blank) and rolling them up. They are then held in a strainer over a boiling pot; the first to unroll will be answered

Tasseography: is the reading of tea leaves that remain in a tea cup once the beverage has been drunk

Tephramancy: is divination by ashes obtained from the burning of tree bark.

Tiromancy is a type of divination using cheese.

Xylomancy: is divination from pieces of wood, either from their shape when collected or their appearance while burning.




 With thanks to the group: The Spiritual Cafe, who gave me more information and allowed me to use it in this glossary: Which is still growing.


Angels: Very high vibrational beings, who have never incarnated on this planet: Earth.  They come to help us in as many ways as a spirit guide would, and in some cases take a guides role depending on what the medium has chosen to bring forth for her/his lifetime


Angelic Beings:  As opposed to angels, are people who have through many lifetimes lifted their vibrations to the point where they are vibrating at a very high frequency.  They can be members of the family or friends, but are generally gentle caring beings who through having had a incarnation here can offer much help to those who are going through their life here at the present.

Many of these beings are associated with what is called: Guardian Angels or Earth Angels


Ascended Masters: A person who has through many many lifetimes/existences, lifted their vibrations to the point of enlightenment.  And, who has chosen to remain behind to assist and aid anyone in the same endeavor.  Their roles are similar to the spirit guides, and some can and do take on those roles unknown to the medium.  Their agenda is theirs, but the agenda is always for ones highest and greatest good.


Aliens/Extraterrestrials: These are energy beings/life forms, that are of extraterrestrial origin, IE not coming from Earth…..The rule of thumb for me, is a being that has evolved within a different galaxy, universe and/or planet that is outside of our known solar system.


Cornish Piskies or The Piskey, are as good a people as they are mischievous, helping the aged and infirm in their household tasks, threshing the corn on a moonlit night, plaiting the pony's mane for stirrups and riding it wildly the night through. And, of course, many people of old were piskey-led when benighted, losing all sense of time and place and wandering helplessly in what appeared to be a strange landscape, until they dropped down into an exhausted sleep.

These friendly little creatures were the good spirits of old Cornwall. Always lively, when they chattered they filled the air with a sound like the droning of bees. They were accustomed with riding about on snails. The little old men no bigger than a mouse, in their white weskits, green stockings, brown coats and breeches, while their brightly gleaming shoes were buckled with diamond dew-drops.

If these friendly little creatures were the good spirits of old Cornwall, then the spriggans were the bad. 



Elementals: can be related to "nature spirits". These spirits govern all nature, and are the forces of life that may be called upon in the service of those that practice Magick.  The following are the well known ones.

Earth spirits are known as Gnomes, Air spirits as Sylphs, Fire spirits as Salamanders, and Water spirits are called Undines.

There are also the elementals that we have all grown up with:  Any not mentioned, please tell me so I may add them:


Fairies; Elves; Leprechauns; Mermaids; Dragons; Trolls; Goblins; Pixies; Centaurs; Unicorns; Pegasus and  “Hobits”  


Faun & Satyrs (also phaunos or faunus) is a rustic forest god or place-spirit (genii) of Roman mythology often associated with Greek satyrs and the Greek god Pan.[1]

The faun is a half human - half goat (from the head to the waist being the human half, but with the addition of goat's horns) manifestation of forest and animal spirits which would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places. They were also capable of guiding humans in need,  Fauns and satyrs were originally quite different creatures: whereas fauns are half-man and half-goat, satyrs originally were depicted as stocky, hairy, ugly dwarfs or woodwoses with the ears and tails of horses or asses.


Ghosts:  are the remains of a person who has passed away [death], but has not moved into the light, and is earthbound for whatever reason.  Reasons being many, guilt, revenge, lack of knowledge, culture, religion etc.  Ghosts are normally the reason for hauntings, but not all the time.  There are poltergeists, thought forms and imprints; which too can cause what is believed to be a haunting.


Imps: are a mythological being similar to a fairy or demon, frequently described in folklore and superstition. The word may perhaps derive from the term ympe, used to denote a young grafted tree.

Originating from Germanic folklore, the imp was a small lesser demon.  Imps were often mischievous rather than evil or harmful, and in some regions they were portrayed as attendants of the gods.  Imps are often shown as small and not very attractive creatures. Their behavior is described as being wild and uncontrollable, much the same as fairies, and in some cultures they were considered the same beings, both sharing the same sense of free spirit and enjoyment of all things fun.


Knockers - The most mysterious of the elfin creatures of Cornwall. It is said these "knockers or Knackers of the mines", were the spirits of old miners of cornwall a long time past. they are said to be ugly, thin limbed creatures no higher than the smallest human dwarf, with large hooked noses, slit mouths from ear to ear, and a great liking for making dreadful faces.

They were not above, for instance, crossing their eyes and thumbing their noses when they met you, or bending over to grimace at you between their spindly legs. Knockers were to be treated with respect, for although of a friendly disposition on the whole, they could be malicious towards any miner who failed, for example, to leave a portion of his underground meal - a piece of pasty, maybe - for one of their number to enjoy. Similarly, they were not to be sworn or shouted at and, indeed, the miner who did so was a fool, for the knockers worked only profitable ground, and would make themselves known only to those whom they favoured. Continuing bad luck might even dog those who were particularly disrespectful.


Poltergeist:  is referred to a naughty spirit/energy, but is now believed to be the psyche/energy of a teenager when they are going through an hormonal change.  This energy can cause the ability of Psychokinesis/Telekinesis, which is the movement of material objects without violation by a human source.  Often it is not discovered until after the event, or when all other causes have been eliminated.


Small People: The:

Long ago, when many of the Land's End folk fished in their small boats off the rock-bound coast by night, a common sight to them was that of the faeries of Castle Treen. Many a vessel becalmed beneath the cliffs of Pedn- y-Vounder stayed longer than was needful, so that her crew could watch the Small People's activities. Thousands of these delicate sprites were to be seen moving about in miniature cliff-ledge gardens poised half way down the precipices above the black and surging ocean hundreds of feet below. Softly illuminated by candlelight, the gardens were filled with flowers whose perfume, when the wind blew off the land, drifted across to the entranced fishermen, along with the sound of music from the faeries' revels. It was then, when the scent of the flowers and the melodies reached them, that the men quickly sailed away, fearing the fatal enchantment which might follow such magic contact.

Loved One: the spirit of a person who has passed over in the life time of the recipient, or is known to the recipient through family, friends. IE…a person like us, but without the psychical body.


Spriggans -Hordes of them, hissing, spitting and grinning maliciously, protected every cliff top or granite cairn where treasure might be buried, for they were appointed to protect it.The spriggans were ugly, and much feared, wizened and shrivelled old men with large heads like those of children upon their puny little shoulders. They were able to raise sudden whirlwinds and storms to terrify the lonely traveller. They could summon rain and hail to lay the corn. Worse, they stole children from their cradles. So too, it might be said, did the piskies but whereas the latter chose neglected babes which their parents soon found again, well cared for and cherished, the spriggans selected bonny babes, leaving in their stead their own large-headed, wizened and ugly brats.



Spirit Communicator:  A spirit who communicates with a medium, either verbally, visually or emotionally.


Spirit Operator: A spirit who uses a medium to manipulate energy or energy systems.


Spirit Control: A highly evolved spirit who blends the energy of the medium with the incoming spirit for the use of trance.  


Spirit Guide: a spirit guide is a highly evolved spirit with the sole purpose of helping the medium develop and use their skills. They assist mediums in following their spiritual path. For other mediums, a spirit guide is one who brings other spirits to a medium's attention or carries communications between a medium and the spirits of the dead.

Many mediums claim to have specific guides who regularly work with them and "bring in" spirits of the dead. Some mediums believe that spirits of the dead will communicate with them directly without the use of a spirit guide. The relationship between the medium and the guide may be providential, or it may be based on family ties.

Whatever way it works, there needs to be trust on both sides.  The techniques of learning and recognizing ones spirit guide is through disciplined meditation over many months and years.


Spirit:  this is what we are, but the term is applied normally to beings that are not incarnated on this planet, but have passed on through death to the other side.

Spirit can “haunt’ but only to get ones attention for a specific reason.  They have the option of staying and helping if they care too, or move on in the spiritual realm.  They are not earthbound.

They are still the same person they where on earth,  and are still growing and learning where ever they may be in the spirit realm.